Hi everyone! Just a quick reminder on this Friday's activity
Yaaay :)
We will all meet at Avenida Sarriá 163, at 19:00h
Nearest metro station: Maria Cristina L3

We are driving to the Observatori from there.
Who would you like to drive you to the Observatori Fabra?

Of course you clever personita! I'm the best driver ever! :)

Agarrense que vienen curvas!!! haha just joking Key ;)

I see... You afraid of latin drivers or what?

The activity starts at 20:00h

It lasts 1:30h
Once we finish we'll drive to Mirablau Bar and have one drink

Yes one, because Agnes, Keysa and I won't be able to drink any alcohol
But don't worry, we'll then drive back to Barcelona and if you want to, party can continue there. Would you be interested?

Okay :) Just a quick reminder: you can either have dinner before we meet or take something with you in case you are not that hungry  before 19:00 (7 pm)

And that's it! :)

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