Indian Soup with vegetables / Basmati rice

Omnivorous: Squid stewed with peppers and other vegetables

Veggie: Oriental sauted tempeh with peppers and other vegetables


Pumpkin and cardamom cream / Cous-cous

Omnivorous: Argentinian cut with rustic vegetable and rosemary butter

Veggie: Millet meatballs with almonds and dried tomatoes


Green salad with roasted apple, sprouts and almonds / Baked potatoes

Omnivorous: Steamed cod with coleslaw

Veggie: Quinoa burgers with coleslaw


Spinach and oats cream with emmental cheese / Basmati rice

Omnivorous: Chicken with garlic, roasted pumpkin and crunchy vegetables

Veggie: Tofu with garlic, roasted pumpkin and crunchy vegetables


Sanwiches, concept: Catalunya (escalibada, romesco sauce, lettuces, cheeses and catalan sausages)

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