Dear People of Typeform, 

It’s here! Mobile version of Typeform. Tiny, beautiful and... not completed yet. However, we'd like to hear your feedback already so we can get a little bit closer to final awesomeness.
Nice one!
First, few stuff to bear in mind. We're still deep in development of this app and there are few things missing: 

☞ App only works on Android for now
☞ Full on-boarding flow is not finished
☞ Inserting blocks above questions is not possible yet
☞ Reports are missing
☞ Links to FAQ are not there yet
☞ Inapp banner to redirect people to desktop is wip

Let's get you started. First step is to download the app:

1. Grab Android phone. Anything above 4.1.1. will do.If you don't have one, ask QA ladies to lend it to you.

2. Click here: and download "Antelope latest".

For a start,  create a question for every question type please and make two of those required.

How did that go?

Now please delete one of the fields.

How did that feel like?

Preview your typeform and then change the background.

How cool was that?

Sharing time. Please share your typeform and once you collect some results, export your data.

What happened there?

Anything else you'd like us to know?

Overall, how would you rate mobile app on Wowzer scale?

1 - it really sucks, 5 -  it's the biggest wowzer ever

Last one. We're still figuring out how to call our baby typeform. Any suggestions?

Thank you fellow Typeformer! I hope you enjoyed this freshly baked mobile experience. Your input is super valuable and we just love you a little bit more now.
See you soon
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