January 16 - 29
everybody say YEAH!

POPs (People Operations) TEAM:New positions open:

- Office Assistant/Barista
- Accountant
- Fullstack Growth Engineer  
- Mobile Developer (iOS & Android)

(for all the other positions, visit typeform jobs page)
Waiting for new starters 

Marc (Writer&Researcher): 1st of February
Lauren (Customer Advocate): 15th of February
Anders (Product Owner): 15th of February
Alessandro (Head of Analytics): 8th of February
Ivan D. (Dev - IO): February
Arjen (Scrum Master): 28th of February
Goutham (Customer Advocate): March
Gabriel (QA Engineer): 5th of March
Daniel O (Front End dev): March

Yes, another Daniel...
Introducing the Interview Feedback form!


Hiring bits - Metrics
9 hires/33% of our Q's goal.

- Days to hire (average): 25,75 !!
The last three processes took 20, 10 and 11 days each :)

Last Q's average: 35.

New office moving along scrumptiously! 

- Air conditioning systems
- Network: Wi-Fi antennas, Internet...
- Security systems, anti-theft cameras
- Kitchen furniture planned and ordered
- All office furniture ordered
- 30+ meters of crystal whiteboards
- Fire-fighting alarms & systems
- Other secrets...


2016 started off very busy:

- Answering tickets (nearly 3K tickets vs 2.2K on average / month)
- Reaching out to PRO users (NPS project, in-app messages, emails)
- Testing VIP onboarding (PRO & PRO+)
- Improving churn survey
- Launching PRO+ on Monday!

Help Center
- 100+ articles in two languages (total 200+)
- 50+
articles improved
- 20+
new articles published


January New biz MRR target met!

(And it's not even the end of month yet ;)
The team has been working on simple dashboards that allow us to track perfromance around our main KPI´s

A few things happening in Marketing Growth:

- Welcome 3 new devs to growth team: Nabeelah, Luis & Rafa!
- We've hired an SEO agency.
- We're going to start Paid again, and are talking to some agencies.
- We've already started being more social—thanks, Bozena!
- Valerie is working on the next set of awesome templates for the gallery.
- The blog has been delayed again due to the public site relaunch—sorry!
- We're revamping Intercom with new templates


Moving around on Monday!
New teams that follow a squads and chapters approach.

 - Product growth
 - Core product
 - Data and tools
 - New renderer
 - New builder
 - V2 front end
 - Results
 - IO


Deploys and features activation have an schedule ( you know, just in case )!

- Deploys: from Monday to Thursday until 3pm
- Features: from Monday to Wednesday, early in the morning ( maybe even Thursday )

More stuff ready for the mobile MVP:
 - Most popular field types
 - Reports
 - Animations
 - Network connectivity status
 - Improvements and fixes

Yet to come:
 - Implement on-boarding
 - Implement tracking

- Two new field types, short text and long text!
- Supporting attachments
- CSS and scrolling fixing
- Getting ready for production!
Texas Rankers

- Ranking field something something

- Metrics panel deploy to 100% of the users!
- Displaying most of the field types correctly in results panel
- Lots of testing and bug fixing for results panel
- Beginning to shift focus back to backend ( looking for ways to store and present the data )
- Terrence farewell ( who will be joining an AWESOME team )
Bananas in Pyjamas

- Starting the webhooks implementation
(that's actually pretty cool)
(we need a new banana in the image)
Dark Unicorns

Migrating ALL the coupons

Freshly baked:
☞ New product owner and scrum master joining in February!
☞ New teams starting on Monday

Product for Growth

◥ Kick of meeting with the team
◥ Defined first A/B test: redirection of demo user straight to the builder
 + move branding to PRO+ with grandfathering
◥ Converted 3,15% of the users that saved+edited fields to paying customers by promoting logic jumps

Product for Innovation

Mobile MVP
┅  9 people out of 70 gave us feedback. I know you’re busy, but please take 5 minutes and test the app!

New Renderer
┅ We’re setting up performance metric for product to target load time
┅ We're working on attachments for short and long text
┅Next thing: servers side so we can compare the performance of old and new renderer and make faster decision on UI adjustments

Desktop V2
 ┅We’re defining components for Alpha version
┅Currently working on this screen dashboard
┅Next: typeform for dialogs in the platform

(we didn't ask him to do this!!)
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